Ferrari 360 Modena in Maranello

Dunkerque to Maranello (and back)- Our Full Route

From northern France to the Mediterranean, here's the route we took. I originally produced the map so that over time I wouldn't forget the finer details of our trip. If it's of interest or any use for you then that's an added bonus.

This map below is very accurate and excludes the wrong turns we made (I intentially left out our three laps of the inner ring road in Mons, Belgium). The red markers are our overnight stops and give an idea of the distances we travelled each day. In total, around 2,340 miles, including 100 miles each way travelling between our home and the UK ferry terminal. You can zoom into the map or alternatively use the full screen icon (top right) to open a large version in a new window. I've also included the route KMZ file for download and this may be opened in Google Earth.