The Ferrari museum, Maranello and the Enzo museum in Modena

Museo Ferrari Maranello
A short walk from the Ferrari factory is the official museum and is for fans of all things Ferrari. Themed rooms, films and interactive exhibits prevail along with an impressive selection of cars. The selection of both racing and road going cars is extensive and it offers a great opportunity to get up close to almost every vehicle present. Several development models are on display, vehicles that never made it into production along with a wealth of information focusing of Ferrari’s past, present and future. You'll also find an area dedicated to the Formula One World Championship containing a display of cars and an associated 'trophy room'.

Museo Enzo Ferrari (Modena)
This museum in Modena is a wonderful combination of old and new. The main building is a futuristic pillar-free hall that incorporates projectors to tell Enzo's sotry. Every half an hour or so the lights are dimmed and the show begins, turning the museum into a cinema displaying a floor to ceiling movie. It's home to some fantastic cars too, some examples you've probably never seen in the metal and the whole place has a very different feel to the museum in Maranello.

Alongside the new building is the restores workshop of Enzo's father and this has been turned into the 'Museo dei Motori Ferrari' – The Engine Room. Here you'll find a variety of racing cars and the engines built to power both F1 and road cars on display. It's such a fitting use of the building and I can't think of a better way for visitors to be immersed in the history of the Ferrari family.

The Maranello and Modena museums are both worth visiting and both offer something different. There's a shuttle bus that runs between the two and more information can be found on the corresponding websites. If you have time, the factories of Lamborghini and Pagani are within a short ride of Modena too and I hear the Pagani tour is a real treat, certainly worth looking into.

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