Ferrari 360 on the Gotthard Pass

A European Road Trip - Driving a Ferrari 360 Modena to Modena


West London to Maranello, Italy. It took us two and a half weeks to live this story (rather longer to write) but hopefully not quite as long to read. As a simple road trip report it would've ended up longer than the Lisbon Treaty so I turned it into this, a digital book cunningly disguised as a simple mobile-friendly website.

I managed to break it down into bite-sized chunks, formed it into seemingly organised chapters and built this website around it. Don't expect it to be well written, I build websites not books so there'll be the odd mistake and a bit of bad grammar. I might've added a few oddities in random places just to keep you awake. If you're this viewing on a computer, most of the pictures within the pages may be enlarged when clicked. There's quite a bit here. We cover eight countries but note the separate pages for the Alpine passes, a few photo galleries and a full route map. Grab a coffee (you'll need it), take your time...

It comes hot on the heels of my first book, the critically acclaimed (but sadly blacklisted on Amazon) "Holiday like the Chineseā€¦" a fine offering that included such highlights as Standing on the coral is ok yes?, Let's take selfies, Go swimming with your clothes on and the ever popular How to clear a buffet in ten easy plates.

This website isn't aimed at anyone specifically* but if you like to travel, are a bit of a petrolhead, generally like Ferrari's or perhaps have a road trip in mind, hopefully something here may be of interest. It's 100% accurate, nothing is made up or exaggerated.

* it's a nice way for us to detail our trip whilst it's fresh in our minds.

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